Devrim Driving Challenges

Hello everyone,

A new endless racing game, Devrim Driving Challenges was published on October 1, 2018 as a sequel of Devrim Racing.

The publisher of our game is, which we have done cooperation before. The game was developed for internet browsers and we don’t plan to publish it on a another platform.

In our game, there are 11 different vehicles that you will remember from Devrim Racing. We did not want to keep you from the layout you were used to by changing main menu and upgrade options. After all this is a sequel game.

A short reminder of the upgrade options in the game:

Visual customizations:

  • Rims
  • Body color

Performance upgrades:

  • Max speed
  • Brake
  • Acceleration
  • NOS (N2O)
  • Turbo

Returning to the main features, all types of games that should be in a classic endless racing game are present in the Devrim Driving Challenges, and there are even more. 🙂 What are these?

One Way: All lines are yours! All you have to do is avoiding to hit the vehicles in the traffic.

Two Way: The road is divided in half. Don’t worry, there is enough room for everyone, but driving in the opposite lane requires extra attention as it gives extra points.

Time Attack: How many kilometers can you travel within the given time (100 seconds)?

Speed Bomb: You are carrying a bomb in your car and you’re getting closer to the explosion!

As you see, our game beat the others! 🙂 Game types, car diversity, upgrade options…. Is that all? No! What would you like next to all this? We haven’t heard your answer yet, but we have added “weather condition”. 🙂 There are four different types of weather condition in the game waiting for you:

  • Sunny
  • Night
  • Rainy
  • Snowy

In rainy and snowy weather not only the view, condition of the road is also changing. So, it’s harder to keep the car on the road in rainy and snowy weather!

As a team, since the day we started to develop games, we have been trying to run more than one project at the same time. Devrim Driving Challenges is an “mini project” developed in line with this effort.  Although it is not one of our main projects, we tried to do our best as always. In this direction, we leave the appreciation to you,

Enjoy the game!