Devrim Racing – Gameplay (Circuit)

Hello everyone.

As you can remember, we had announced our new mobile game called Devrim (Revolution) Racing and shared a teaser video.
In our announcement, we have shared some details about the game and told that we will continue to share content about Revolution Races on our social media accounts and website. Now, we will keep our promise and share our first post.

The teaser video was not reflecting the game visuals. After our announcement, many of you have commented that “We cannot see the game in the video”. To answer these comments, we have decided to make a gameplay video in our first content.
Here is Devrim Racing gameplay video:

Race type: Circuit
Vehicle: Devrim
Graphics quality: Medium

We have showed the main menu, customizing and performance upgrades and we have played Circuit with Devrim (Revolution) which is the name of our game.
We will continue to share more gameplay video in the future about different race types.
We would like to remind that gameplay video is recorded in beta version, and there may be some differences in the full version.


Devrim Racing Released!