Hello everyone!
Chernobyl is a TV series that we have heard about recently, has gained significant success and is liked by a large audience. Like most viewers, we enjoyed the series very much. Not to give spoilers about our projects, but lately we’ve been busy pre-production for an FPS (first person shooter) game and wanted to test ourselves with this series we love.

After two months of work, we are very excited and happy to present our new game, Chernobyl, as an example that what we have done is a demo of what we will do. Our loyal partner has undertaken the publishing of the game; you can try out the game from the link below:

Our game is designed for internet browsers and we do not plan to adapt it to a different platform. We published games of this type about 5 years ago; but many things have changed in the world of FPS since then. Well, as you know, we have been working on games such as Devrim Racing, Parking in Istanbul and Devrim Driving Challenges for a long time. We hung out in car garages, far from the FPS genre. If we were going to go back to the FPS genre, we said let’s do little warm-up laps first and before we realized what happened, we found ourselves in the arid and abandoned(?) land of Chernobyl.

We talked about how things got to this point, now let’s talk a little bit about our new game, Chernobyl.

It has not been a long time since the explosion and all living things in the areas close to the reactor have been greatly affected by the radioactivity. USSR officials, as always, wish to keep the event secret. Every week, “cleaners” are sent to the region so that the creatures that have evolved due to the intense radiation in Chernobyl are not heard and the news are not spread.  You are the cleaner this week.

Our game consists of three different levels. While designing these levels, we tried to reflect the geography of the region, but we did not try to design exact the same. First you will start at the district hospital, then go down to the streets of Chernobyl and finally reach the tunnels under the reactor (if everything goes as planned). We tried to enrich the gameplay with different types of weapons and quite different types of enemies; with eight different weapons, you will try to counter five types of enemies. Besides all this, we have strived to produce quality graphics (compared to browser games) and highly optimized gameplay. We’ve added a few images from the game below and we’re hoping for your positive comments.

Thank you all for your great support. Have fun!



Chernobyl The Game Screenshots

Chernobyl The Game ScreenshotsChernobyl The Game ScreenshotsChernobyl The Game ScreenshotsChernobyl The Game ScreenshotsChernobyl The Game ScreenshotsChernobyl The Game ScreenshotsChernobyl The Game ScreenshotsChernobyl The Game ScreenshotsChernobyl The Game Screenshots