City Bus Driver

Hello everyone!
Introducing City Bus Driver, a strange bus simulator!  We saw this project as a “Leisure” project and disrupted the production process many times. And it evolved many times before it was complete.

Recently, our team has focused on producing different projects for different game studios. Therefore, the development time devoted to Mathf Games games remained at a much lower level than it always was. Since 2014, we have published at least one game every year under the name of Mathf Games, but 2020 was the year we broke this series.

In 2020, we prepared different types of mobile games (usually hyper-casual or casual) for different teams. When we came to 2021, while we were busy with the continuation of these works, we thought, “Mathf Games cannot waste another year,” and we decided to push the possibilities a little more. As we approached the end of 2021, our efforts paid off and City Bus Driver was completed.

Let’s talk about the game …

City Bus Driver is not exactly a simulator game, but rather an arcade-style driving game. The primary reason for this is that we did not make the driving physics completely realistic, as in simulation games. Instead, we tried to implement fun driving physics with decorations that feel realistic, just like in arcade games. We adopted this driving type in our previous games (Devrim Racing, Parking in Istanbul).

Note: Bus Driver and Underground 2 are examples of such games.

There are six different bus options in the game. Each bus has its own driving dynamics. Their weight, acceleration, handling, etc. are different from each other. Unlike other games, we do not expect you to meet any conditions to change vehicles in the game. You can play whenever you want by choosing the vehicle you want. Tired of trying to save for our every need, right? 🙂

Modification options of buses are limited to colors only. You can choose the color you want from 9 colors without any conditions/charges.

We have prepared 60 levels with different routes. You have the freedom to choose and play any of these levels. There are no obligations to go in a certain order or reach a certain score. Choose what you want and play. It’s that simple.

We tried to make the game more realistic with the constantly changing and randomly generated traffic system. In addition, the passengers taken from the stops do not remain constant, they change randomly.

We’ve always kept performance and stability in mind while working to increase realism, which has made it possible to deliver a smooth gaming experience across multiple devices.

As a result, a bus game was created that we enjoyed playing. While designing the game, we always kept in mind the Bus Driver that SCS Software released in 2007.  We wanted City Bus Driver to be equally simple and equally enjoyable. We are waiting for your valuable comments about our game.

Thank you all for your great support.

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