Parking in Istanbul

Hello to all our followers,
After a long and tiring production process, we are happy to launch the first mobile game that had real venues in Turkey. Previously we have shared some visuals and information about our new game. Parking in Istanbul game is now available.


When we mention a parking game, many of you may have directed to the small, red cross sign on the corner. But do not click it!  We would like you to forget classical parking game concept in Parking in Istanbul.

Why are we different?

The fundamental difference in our game is the damage system. Many of the parking games in the market are based on damage amount. You will have one or three crushing rights, and the game will end in the slightest hit (and at this point, even the car is unaware of the hit). As Mathf Games, we would like to break this taboo. You can hit the car as much as you want, but you must live with the consequences. In Parking in Istanbul, your car will get damaged depending on the strength of the car and your crushing velocity. As the damage level of your car increases, the control of the car will be harder and the brakes will not work. In addition, damage points will be deducted from your overall level score. You will need money to repair the car and you will need points for the money.

Another difference is that the game has time limit. We thought that spending only few seconds to park while other people are looking for a parking place is not logical. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the time in Parking in Istanbul. Even though your time ends, you can continue parking. The game will only end when you want to end. Even though there is no time limit, this does not mean that you can pass to the other levels easily.  You need to pay attention to time if you want to pass the level and earn money. In short, you can drive freely but we advise you to pay attention to time.

We also want to mention another property of Parking in Istanbul that makes the game different than other parking games.

It may not make a difference for humanity, but it will for parking games.

When you are playing Parking in Istanbul, you will not see regular empty parking space signs. Because finding a parking space was never easy. We have created the free wandering mode to find the parking space without thinking about the time. You can get on the car and get off the car as you like. When you leave the car, the countdown will stop and you can explore the map. You need to use the free wandering mode carefully, if you want to collect the stars and points to complete the level. Looking for a parking space inside the car can make you lose time.

We have never regarded Parking in Istanbul as a commercial project. You can see this from our advertisement policy inside the game. Our aim was to make a quality game. We hope to come closer to our objectives and make you spend amazing time in the game.

We are leaving you and Parking in Istanbul alone and starting to work on our next project without losing any time.

Enjoy the game!