Devrim Racing – Coming Soon

Hello everyone,

After a long silence, we are ready to announce our new game which we develop when we were away.
Devrim (Revolution) Racing is a mobile car race in the 1960s and provides racing with classical cars.

Before developing the game, we had gather reference pictures of İstanbul in the 1960s for a more realistic visual. During game development, these pictures were our leading references to design the map.

We are presenting you three visuals and we will share other reference pictures on our Facebook page.
We started working on Devrim Racing at the end of August 2016. As in all other projects, due to some problems and unforeseen delays, we have started alpha version tests of Devrim Racing in March 2017 after 7-8 months of work.
In these days, we are continuing beta version test and trying to implement last additions.
Here is picture of the first automobile manufactured in Turkey, Devrim (Revolution), and screenshots of Devrim Racing game:

devrim racing screenshot

We are planning to add 108 levels and 10 different cars in Devrim Racing. In addition, the game will have 7 different race types.
Here are the race types in Devrim Racing:

  • Circuit
  • Sprint
  • Drift
  • Lap Knockout
  • Elimination
  • Speed Trap

In addition, you can upgrade the visuals and performance of your car.
Visual customizations:

  • Rims
  • Body color

Performance upgrades:

  • Max speed
  • Brake
  • Acceleration
  • NOS (N2O)
  • Turbo

We are trying to make this game better than Parking in Istanbul with variety of cars, levels, and customization and upgrades.
We want you to watch our teaser video:

Devrim Racing will be available on Android, and then on iOS and web browsers.
We will continue to share our progress.

Devrim Racing Released!
Devrim Racing Circuit Gameplay Video